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KAFC had a great start this past weekend

The Korean American Friendship Circle had a fantastic start this weekend. The celebration of Green was in full swing with St. Patrick’s as the theme. The Korean students and families all dressed their best in greens as they could, and did so with gusto. The games and contests added a physical outlet to the festivities, and competition ensued. Great times were had by all, and even the beer was green

Eyes Will Always Lie

Looking through the viewfinder of a camera you can almost always find truth.  Most people focus so intently on location, context, color, and the other fifty things we are told to do; That they forget what they were meant to do.  Photographing what you see as beauty right before you put that viewfinder to your eye.  A moment captured forever that you may look back upon and toy with the concept of a photographic memory.  Everything has beauty. You just have to look hard enough, deep enough, and without critiquing the subject to death!